3 Final Game Ideas

For the first game I am brainstorming, I want to focus on teaching the value of honesty. I really like how “Papers, Please” used player empathy to provide difficult decisions where the player has to choose to either follow their heart or their better judgement. I want to create a decision based game that involves truth and lies. The idea will be that the player has the option to lie about certain things, but there is a chance those choices come back to bite them. It will be an interesting balance between trying to not hurt feelings and not having people find out the truth and get hurt even worse. I could possibly have an indicator like a health bar for the feelings of those who you are talking to.

Another idea for my value game is the value of persistence being the main topic. Games like “Jump King,” “Getting Over It,” and “Pogostuck” are good examples of these. I would like to create a platformer that requires immense precision and punishes the player upon making mistakes. The allure of games like this to me is that the feeling obtained when completed is multiplied by the difficulty of the journey to get there. The harder you have to try and the more times you have to fail only makes victory that much sweeter.

Last, I have the idea of focusing on a political problem in prison reform. The goal of the game will be to show players just how brutal and predatory the bail system is in this day and age. Recently, some states have already been abolishing it, but many people still have no clue how awful some of the situations it creates are. The player will be someone who is framed for a crime they didn’t commit. They will then have to try and secure a bail bond only to fail after finding out how they are effectively paying for something that is supposed to just be a hold. The game could then show how people are kept as prisoners if they can’t make bail which incentivizes them to plead guilty in order to get out of the hellhole that they have been unjustly stuck in.